Whee! I was contacted yesterday by someone who wants to interview me! This is a first and I wub firsts. Details still a little sketchy but will let you know when I know stuff.

Finished the punk piece, needs a bit of tweaking and I’ll send off today. It may be a little too English for the anthology, but it’s (i think, and a friend who was there at the time) of the era. I’m very pleased with it, actually, and is the piece most like what I want to write in reality.

Got a rejection from another agent. Think I need a stronger query piece than Transgressions perhaps. And the sales figures from Standish might help too, when I know them.

MYSID – I’m re-reading Charioteer – chapter 2 – is there a kiss in Ralph’s study, at the end of that chapter, or am I imagining it? If so. SQUEEE!

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