Slash Goggle Alert

Well I watched a film this afternoon – The Black Rose with Tyrone Power.(1950) and bloody hell. I mean I know I have slash goggles on half the time, but STILL. This was unbelievably slashy, I wish I’d videoed it – Orson Welles played one of Kubla Khan’s warlords who Tyrone Power signed up with and at one point TP had to leave and head off to China and there was a MOST affectionate leave taking by Orson Welles – he said “I shall kill ten of them for every hair on your head if you are killed. I hate to see you go, I miss few men, but I shall miss you.” Tyrone was being all bluff and jolly about it and I was half expecting him to punch Orson on the arm at one point, while Orson was CLEARLY having a UST moment.

Then at the end, Orson sends a letter to Tyrone and says “I wish you were back here.”


There’s also quite a lot of homoeroticsim between Tyrone and Jack Hawkins who he has a Great Friendship with throughout the entire film – there is a “Flossie”, but you very much get the feeling that she’s a last minute insert because someone read the script and thought “eek! Far too Gay!”

So much subtext.  However it seems to be me, as there’s nothing on line about the homoeroticism.

Just me then.

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