Heroes is coming to the BBC this summer! I am really looking forward to it. Yes, I know we have Torchwood, but it’s been a long long time since we had Buffy or Angel or any really meaty sci-fi/fantasy thingie on – specially one that is twice the length of Torchwood. Plus better news is that the BBC have already bought series two, without having shown series one! Squee!

It’s bloody freezing here, even if it finally has stopped raining *stops building ark.*

If anyone wants a kissing drabble in line with that meme “Give me two characters, and I’ll write their first kiss” Then ask. Make them characters I know – No het and no squick. It’s a bit pointless asking for Rafe/Ambrose as all you’ll get is the Standish excerpt. However I could give you first kisses from Fleury, Rafe, Ambrose, Achille, Francis Trenberry, or anyone from short stories you might have read. Or fandoms I know (few…) In fact it would be more interesting to write Give me ONE character, and I’ll write their first kiss. Then I get to chose who they kiss! I also reserve the right to use said snog scene in any book or story I may write in the future. You’ll get an acknowledgement if I do, though.

And yes, I’ve done my 1000 words. My poor protag is feeling quite verbally squashed.

Yay! Lunch! *scoffs*

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