Making a stand.

I’ve just (what great timing) had a reminder from LJ that my automatic payment for my paid account is coming up. I shall be declining to pay that account and shall be reverting to a basic one sans ads.

I don’t intend to financially support an institution that wipes out freedom of speech – and you can come and discuss the meaning of that politely on my LJ if you so wish – or that cannot differentiate between fiction and real life.

Dear Livejournal – if you are going to cave into pressure and remove accounts that have fiction that depicts incest and underage sex (don’t let me get started on the fact that the great and Mighty America doesn’t have the world rules on the age that people are allowed to have sex, please, 16 is the age of consent here, and it’s 13 in some european countries) then please don’t stop there. Don’t discriminate. Make sure that all law breaking is treated equally.

Delete all accounts from all writers who have ever written fictional stories about:



Violence of any kind

Speeding in cars



Ethnic Cleansing

Underage smoking

Drug Use

Jay walking



…. discrimination….Yes. That’s a crime too. Or it is over here.

where do you draw the line, Livejournal? Just where?

Delete the LJ of George Martin, the RSS feed of Neil Gaiman and many others. remove John Dallas Lockhart, and EVERYONE else on this list remove the Darwinians and replace them with creationalists.

So LJ-ers. Make a stand. Don’t pay for your account. Create a back-up on Dead Journal, Greatest Journal, Journal fen, MySpace. Some place that knows the difference between imagination and reality.

© Copyright 2007 Erastes, All rights Reserved. Written For: Erastes
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