Ok – I-Love Looshie

My thoughts on whether to run this fest for a third and final year. I’ll be cross posting this to the community later

I’d like to as this will be my boy’s last hurrah, he’s definitely dying in the last book (I can’t IMAGINE JKR allowing him to either 1. skip into the sunset with snape or 2. rising from the broken bodies of Harry/voldie and taking over the world.)

Elfflame suggested that all media should be postable, meaning any fic/verse/meta/art you’ve done at any time and not just in this last year, as long as it hasn’t already been posted on the community.

I’ve been thinking about it, and I think that we SHOULD have the fest this year. But with one major proviso.

All fics are to be Friends Locked no exception – so you will need to join the comm to view the content – if I recognise you I’ll OK you straight away, if I don’t I won’t without some additional email. Lucius – as is his nature is pansexual and if he wants to have sex with his mother while she’s animagused and chained to a wall that’s under 18 years old, then I have no control over that.

I hope you come over, join and post your Lucius fics/art/meta/poems My boy deserves some loving. He’s been in prison for far too long. I may even dust off Underlucius as a celebration and write some crap no-one will understand. so you have been warned.

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