Chilly Monday

Well I’m up, and am just finishing off listening to the Archers. I adore the Archers. Then I’m going to crack on with STILL UNNAMED Regency novella. I had some ideas while in bed so I should be able to progress to the next chapter at least.  The protagonist is so bloody wordy.  It makes me laugh that as a narrator and in his head he’s eloquent and verbose but he finds it almost impossible to talk to Emily, and lets Adam run verbal rings around him.

Just joined “Uniquely Pleasurable” and I’m rather irritated that someone has taken my user name. This has happened to me on blogspot and on myspace but on there there are millions of members, not 425!! I wonder who it is? Anyway, I’m erastesdotcom over on Uniquely Pleasurable and thank you to for inviting me.

This is a rather revolting quote from the Author’s Guild. With this sort of prejudice from one’s own Guild, who needs enemies?
Simon & Schuster would, under its new contract, be empowered to exclusively control your rights even if your books aren’t available for sale through traditional bookstores. E-book availability (read any good e-books lately?) would be enough to fulfill Simon & Schuster’s contractual commitments under its interpretation of “in print.” Roy Blount is plainly right, this contract would allow Simon & Schuster to squirrel away rights.
Now I’m still on the fence with e-books, there is an awful lot of dross in that media, but let’s be frank there is a hell of a lot of dross in the printed market too – but you’d think that the AG would support ANY publishing media wouldn’t you?

I find it interesting that there’s such a difference of opinion to POTC3 on my flist. Some people really hated it, and the range goes all the way to the way I felt.

Ok enough procrastination. No more online until I’ve done 1000 words. See you in a year. :(

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