incoherent sobbing mini-review The Vinter’s Luck

So I just finished The Vintner’s Luck and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read and who liked – for example – the Charioteer. It’s a lovely read, with a beautiful heart-breaking love story within it, I can’t actually say that I could really see what Xas saw in Sobrane, maybe it was just because Sobrane loved him.

The whole religious thing, I have to be honest, went over my head, I’m with Xas in his cynicism about God’s creationist ability but I didn’t bother pondering over the religious themes.  It was enough that there was the love story which fluttered like feathers in breeze.  Utterly heart breaking, don’t read if you can’t set yourself up for that, after all, it’s the love between an Angel and a human so it ain’t going to be all happy endings – the last two lines broke me into bits – still are, in fact *sits here sobbing*.  I could say that it’s because I’m more attuned to death or whatever but that’s not really true , because immortal – ephemeral love stories have always destroyed me – I’ve never got over the love between Dora and Lazarus Long (neither has he incidentally)

If I can only make one person feel like I’m feeling now, when they finish Junction X I will die happy.

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