Love in a Lock-up – Finally on Amazon

Whee!  “Love in a lock up” by STARbooks is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

No cover art yet, I did see a planned cover a while back and it was … well. um. Rude. I wonder what they will go with.

My story is “Lucky” and is about a young punk getting obsessed with his taciturn cell mate.

Days went by and by the end of the month I didn’t know much more about him than I did when I first came.

He was built, though. There weren’t no privacy in the Pen. I’d seen everything God had given him and it was something to look at, even if I had to peer around the edge of a comic book when he worked out before curfew. Showers was easier. Nothing hidden there and some men, me included, made no secret of watching the goods on display, and it weren’t only me that looked, specially at Matt. Matt’s ass was the palest thing about him, hard and high-set like. It was so muscled that it moved as he did, the cheeks twisting as he soaped himself, or moved under the water. His cock was long, but not unnatural, like something in a magazine. He washed it and left it alone, he didn’t spend time on it, like a lot of the rest of us did with ours. I would have handled it for him. I was rapidly become obsessed by my strong silent cell-mate and I would have sucked him dry, would have bent over at the least invitation and let him fuck me raw but Matt never showed no sign that he’d welcome anyone doing more than looking and for some reason no-one ever tried.

I guess that I spent so much time watching him, I plumb forgot that there’d be others watching me.

© Copyright 2007 Erastes, All rights Reserved. Written For: Erastes
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