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Yesterday I received Mordred Bastard Son and The Boy I Love. (Also the Broken Sword 4 game which I am sucking at horribly and haven’t solved a problem without cheating yet… WHY can’t I snap their necks like twigs – WHY????) Today I have ordered: The Regency Underworld why should all the Regencies be about dandies and Lords? Young Mr Fleury is a gentlemen of the lower classes and although that particular reprobate is currently on a riverboat somewhere with an ace up his sleeve and his hand on the plantation owner’s son’s cock I’d quite like to do a book about the Not So Nice section of Society. Are there any books about the Mollies – the majority of which were very much working class…?

I’ve also ordered Everyday Life in the 1800’s and I should have read the reviews FIRST because it’s a guide to American life and not British – but that’s actually Serendipitous as I WILL be writing about Fleury (when I’ve finished Junction X) and I know very little (see the Wikipedia entry for NOTHING) about the early 19th Century in America. So it’s a sign! whee! Stop me buying books…

Regarding Games: They’ve gone and banned Manhunt 2 which strikes me as dreadfully nanny state. It will make the game a best-seller as people will still track it down, import it, whatever. It’s not a game that appeals to me (the first one was about the making of a Snuff Movie and you had to kill to win and I assume this one is similar) but it’s no worse than many many survival horrors – the only difference being you are killing people and not mutated horrors. This could cause a precedent however, with the advent of the Wii – games are becoming even more interactive than ever and in this game (for the Wii) you used the paddles to stab and strangle your opponents with your bare hands. Whilst this doesn’t appeal to me – I don’t see the difference between this and the thousands of games that have used gun controllers to shoot the screen – and the humans portrayed on the screen. I’ve killed everything in games from giant pink rabbits to unarmed scientists using every conceivable weapon from a crowbar to a nuclear powered mutant hand – it’s not convincing me to gun down my work mates, much as I’d enjoy it.

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