Smug Git: Did i ask you do some copying for Big Fat Clients?
Me: I don’t really remember, I have so many glamorous jobs to do in a day.
Smug Git: I think I did.
Me: Oooo Kay….
Smug Git: So do you know where it is?
Me: No.
Smug Git: did you post it somewhere?
Me: (thinks) Yes, of course, because that’s the sort of crap thing you think I do
Smug Git: could you have a look for it?
Me: If I did it, I would have put it on your desk.
Smug Git:: It’s not there.
Me: *Bichon Stare*
In other news someone’s just lent me Harry Dresden Book 1. and eeeee!!! I’ve read a chapter and am hooked.Film Noir with magic!!! I’m a Marlowe fangirl, so how can I resist this?
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