Argh! What a choice. Repeat of Sharpe? or Repeat of Penultimate Dr Who? eee! *channel hops*

knows me better than I think – She’s never seen a Potter film or read a Potter book, although I do talk about it to her from time to time *cough* and I said in a diva-ish manner “this will be the last Potter film I go to see – *sigh* – The Half Blood Prince has no plot I’m in the slightest bit interested in.”

There was a silence for a moment and then she said “Isn’t that the one where Lucius spends the whole book in prison?”


Done about 6K words this week. Huge for me. Haven’t been so prolific for a long time. There has been man face, mutual masturbation (scuse me while I drool at Sharpe swordfighting….) and now there will be some outdoor fuckage I think. Can you use mushrooms as lube? get the wrong mushroom and you’d end up hallucinating from both ends… Oh get up, Sharpe you big girl.

Had a really lovely new review on Amazon. The reader went over the top and called Rafe “a gay Heathcliff” *g* I wish I could find the website she talks about where she reviews gay novels. How silly of her not to put a link.

Finally – I emailed Marion Husband to thank her for “the boy i love” and she replied – she seems really nice – I so like hearing from gay historical writers, specially ones who live here in the UK.

Ok. Now. DRINK! FECK! BOYS! Friday! I got a crisp and fruity South African – what choo got?

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