six months – quiet reflection- dr who – jekyll

I don’t know where the six months has gone  – truly. I have run through every conceivable cliche gamut known to psychiatrist. Guilt, anger, hate, grief, but never acceptance, I’m not there yet.  How did it get to be six months?  It doesn’t seem possible – but perhaps it’s I may have spent 3 months in shock?  Although they say that it gets easier in time, I’m not finding that – each day that goes past means that I’ve never been seperated from her for as long, never been as long without hearing her voice.  I feel guilty, because – hey – SIX months? How???

Dr Who – fucking brilliant, not as good as last week (how could it be?) but utterly brilliant because RTD knows his audience, he UNDERSTANDS slashers and fandom and he panders to it unashamedly.  I didn’t think I was going to like Sims (Life on Mars) as The Master because I adored Rpger Delgardo with a passion unconfined and if The Master didn’t have a Medici Beard and a widow’s peak I didn’t think I’d be interested

However, of course – Russell T Davies did it to me AGAIN and knew exactly how to do it to me. The relationship between the Doctor and the Master is wonderful, very symbiotic and neither can die…. However it’s all a bit scary! How on EARTH are they going to claw it back from here? Is Tennant Leaving???? ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JEKYLL – another one that I utterly didn’t think I was going to like – I’m not mad on Nesbitt – never saw cold feet and he always seems to play the same character by JEKYLL is just fucking wonderful – and coincidentally – WHY is it wonderful? It’s because it’s written by Stephen Moffat from the Dr Who franchise who wrote some of the best stuff in the series “Girl in the Fireplace” and “Empty Child” and more recently “BLINK” 

If you haven’t seen Jekyll – DON’T miss it, it will surprise you, amaze you and I can’t wait for the final part next week.

Today I’ve been reading The Boy I Love by Marion Husband and OMG I absolutely loved it (with some tiny reservations)  I’m far too pissed (see point one) to be able to comment on it right now, but will do a fuller review tommorw – but it’s a Rec.

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