What possessed Mr Gaiman to leave his blog in the hands of his 13 year old daughter?  I trust it is being checked by an adult?  I’m going to defriend the feed for the duration, I’m afraid, I don’t have any under age kids on my flist and I’m not starting now. Over excited and huge pic posts and BIG FONT IN DIFFERENT colours is not at all what I joined that particular blog for, actually. Ick.

So: Less than a month and it’s all over, Potterwise.  I know there’s not as many of you here as there used to be when I was Underlucius but…

Let’s have a fun – no prizes.

What’s the last sentence? Ends with Scar? or not?  Mine is “Harry sighed with relief, crossed the road and was mown down by Lucius’ car.”

Harry? Dead or Alive? Voldemort dead or alive? Lucius? Ruling the world or not?

Theories please? (No spoilers you may have heard, as I’ll cry) Let’s just go nuts huh?

This made me giggle like a loon think very seriously.  And you know what? something very similar happened to ME!  I was imbibing the other night, from about 7pm till midnight and as I stood up I was struck down – made paralysed from the waist down and fell to the floor like a brick.  I lay staring at the ceiling and my vision blurred and darkened and I thought I was either going blind or dying.  So I prayed – I think my words were “Oh my God. Wurble wurble schlup” but even though I spoke in tongues, God still heard me for he made me sleep. And when I woke – I was cured!!!! Praise be!  I still have the brain tumour though, coz my head is killing me….

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