Deathly Hallows: Well I’m done

I need to read again, slowly of course, as I missed a ton of stuff. Better than HBP, but that’s actually not much of a ringing accolade.

1. deaths

The deaths – for me, were trivialised, rushed and glossed over. I shouldn’t be particularly surprised as Harry actually has the attention span of a drunk goldfish, but he mourned for Hedwig for about 2 minutes (and that was 20 times longer than he did for Sirius)

The second half of the book is as busy, rushed and crowded, confusing and lacking in detail as the first half of the book is long slow and frankly rather dull (despite having several attacks/fights)

Peters death. WTF? How utterly pointless. Did he get given a silver hand for the one reason that he could strangle himself? If you are a wizard, there must be 100 ways of killing yourself, it was just one of many many many things that were pointlessly done, and wrapped up in a way that you felt that JKR had just had enough of this, and couldn’t be arsed to do anything better. I always (as did a lot of others) thought that it would be a weapon against a werewolf, but I think the fan speculation may have stopped her from that.

Hedwig – Harry mourned for about 2 minutes. But I guess that was about 2 minutes longer than for Sirius

Lupin I missed this completely. When he turned up with James and Sirius my jaw was on the floor. tells me that Tonks was killed as well and I missed that too! I was rather pleased and my inner puppyshipper was cheering when Lupin turned up with the Marauders and not with his dead wife.

Colin I actually felt a pang over this, probably becuase of the cherubic little actor in the 2nd film, but I always quite liked Colin. I liked a lot that kids got killed because this is what happens in war.

Fred – this caught me, although predicted it – because a broken set of twins is always heartbreaking. Turned Molly into Sigourney Weaver, too from Aliens, which made me laugh.

Severus. Again with the pointless. It wasn’t noble, it wasn’t self sacrificing. I guess the only thing I could say about it is that it was realistic in as much as it just happened. And after 7 years of loathing and despising Snape Harry has the most unbelievable volte-face after two minutes in the pensieve – DESPITE the fact that every single fact in the penseive had been suggested by somebody at some point and Harry just wouldn’t listen. The little shit. I hate him so much. I felt a real lack of emotion from Harry pretty well all through, but that’s no surprise.

2. I can’t believe that we got Dumbledore Explains It Allâ„¢ AGAIN, even though the little shit was dead. Even death can’t shut the manipulative git up. And he still was an arrogant arse. “most of my guesses are right

3. It was gratifying to be completely 100 right about:

Snape’s motivations/allegiances
Dumbledore’s training Harry to die
Ollivander’s kidnap

4. Endless camping. Ugh. What was the point of the De-lighting device please? Other than to stupidly give Ron Ron something to do?

5. There was such much muddle and stuff not explained properly – Ginny’s flitting in and out of Harry’s mind – Draco’s obvious non committal to the cause was utterly left to our own imagination, near enough – he was nothing more than a plot device. As was so much. Whilst I’m very very pleased about Lucius – there’s not really any point without Severus.

6. Ron (as much as hate to say it) made me laugh out loud about four times. When she lets herself be irreverent she can really connect with me, and I found myself liking Ron more than I have since the first couple of books. Neville did bloody well, all hail him. And Hermione just pissed me off because she turned into Ms Sue Witch doing all this magic, and it did to me was to emphasise what a lazy little git Harry was, because like – if you knew you were going to be fighting for your life (and possibly your friends) and he has known that for bloody years, you’d think he would have studied a bit more (LIKE, ANY). Instead of leaving it all for someone else. He had aspirations to be an Auror, after all, and he had a lot of study time – the least he could have learned was how to knit wounds.

7. I wonder what the fundementalist american backlash will be about the language – effing is all very camoflaged, but I wouldn’t want my kids to start saying it.

8. All in all – I found it marginally better than HBP, but there were no surprises (other than a pleasant one) and I found it all rather dull at the beginning and over ambitious at the end. It either needed to be shorter, or a lot longer – and I don’t know which. So. Meh.

9. Severus-Lily – I actually LIKED how this was managed. I really liked that they were pre-school friends, and it rang a lot more true, and wasn’t all LOVEY DOVEY like it would have been if he’d just got attracted to her at school unrequitedly. It showed that she liked him for what he was, and that meant a hell of a lot to me – because for years I’ve been a great believer in Snape, that he had a heart (albiet for Lucius) and no-one ever saw him like I did – and it broke me that Lily did.

It was a mirror of Sirius and Regulus – it made a lot of sense that they would inevitably drift apart – Snape was a Slytherin and a damned good one, and he would take advantage of the advantages that the house gave him (as I’ve always said he would) and Lily would not understand that. As I say, I liked it. And it wasn’t overdone – he loved her, but wasn’t IN LOVE with her, (in my opinion) leaving my own Snucius intact.

Oh god. How am I going to tell Lucius?

(Tell me what, sweet? What were you reading all day?)

10 The epilogue was the worst idea EVER. no matter that she’d written it years ago. It showed. It was hideous and reminded me of the sequels to Little Women (which I also hated)

And HOW DARE he call his son Severus. He doesn’t deserve to speak his name.

There will be sporkage however. Aside from the immediate points I’ve posted here – there are a LOT of problems that I saw even on a skim read. Time lines getting muddled, contradictions, inconsistencies, bad editing (if any) blah blah blah – so I’m announcing that will be opening for business at some point in the near future.

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