Heroes! Chapter 1 and 2

First Impressions:

Yeah – Global. Right.  I think America needs to look up the meaning of “this series is Global”  ETA: What I meant was… that it was released in a ton of countries at the same time, BUT NOT HERE!!! (other than hidden away on the Sci Fi Channel. UNFAIR!!!!)

I loved it. Intriguing but not baffling, enough hints to keep me interested whilst giving a good indication that I’m gonna get hooked!

Who do I love?  The Flying Brothers – Peter and Nathan(?) and Hiro – I just ADORE Hiro.  Also liked the look of Isaac, too. 

What are the ships? Flying Brothers, I’m assuming?  or Mohindra and Peter? Too early to tell. squeee!

I HATE being a whole series behind nearly everyone else!

Added Bonus: “Heroes unmasked” is narrated by Anthony Head.  *licks*

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