My 2 cents for what its worth. (probably less than that)

As  isn’t taking responses on it’s “miscegenation”  post – I’d like to post my two-pence on the subject,  I don’t think any are on my flist,however, but they used to be when I was someone else.

“Miscegenation” is offensive, I’m afraid, and no matter where in the world you live it’s offensive. It’s just as offensive to me, a white English person, as it would be to an Aborigine, a Chinese person, or a black living in Africa or Alabama.  I even have to disagree with the request even to change it to “interracial” since strictly speaking that’s not a kink in any sensible world.  I do understand that interracial can describe elf/human, goblin/human and so on, so that would be the better of two evils, I guess.

Yes, we know that Voldemort is epousing the purity of the line, but he’s not objecting to Kingsley having sex with Molly (except… ewww because Mollywobbles should keep it covered up) but he wants the blood line to be pure.  I think you would be showing a dignified face if you were to simply change the “kink/prompt”  to “blood treachery” which would – after all – be the correct term within that universe, and people would respect you for so doing.

Not meaning to be inflammatory – just trying to pour the oil of reason on what is a very explosive subject.

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