Order of the Phoenix – thoughts

First off – the Trailer for The Golden Compass looks – …. INCREDIBLE. There are no words other than wow. I can’t wait for that!

OK – Thoughts:

Things I liked

Umbridge – brilliant and perfect
Dursleys – they are so good.
Luna – how wonderful is she?
Fred and George (get better and better)
Swashbuckling Sirius
The Black Family Tree
The Umbridge abduction/rape
The tiny tiny maruaders scene (how beautiful is little snape?) (Very. Lucius)
Lucius and the Death Eaters, really bloody scary
Bellatrix (she’s not my vision of Bella, that would be someone more like Nigella Lawson but she did a bloody good job – and if she’s not the beauty that Bella is supposed to be, well then, we only have to look to Sirius as he’s not the handsome beast he’s supposed to be either
The room of requirement

Things I didn’t

Grawp. Why bother with the moronic lump?
No mention of Regulus
No mention of Narcissa being related – hence no explanation of what Kreacher did
Invisible Ron
Nigel. Who the HELL is Nigel?
Swooping Aurors and DE’s and really… black de’s and white aurors? ick
A very muddly to watch DE and Auror fight
Harry giving Lucius the prophecy? In which universe did this happen?
And Lucius dropping it? (Excuse me, but I would NEVER drop anything. One isn’t Tonks.)
Sirius’ death being deliberately made final to snuff out the final bit of hope any of us had for his ressurection.

The whole film made me remember why I loathe and despise DD though, he failed everyone. EVERYONE. As bloody usual. Hope he dies. Oh yes. HURRAH! (Hoorah)

There’s probably lots more I could say but everyone’s probably already said it, but all in all I did enjoy it, but I won’t bother with it until the DVD.

I’ll say something though – WB’s could easily leave a lot of stuff in and have two films, a four hour film for the fans (which they would go and see over and over) and a 2 hour film for everyone else.

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