Thoughts on the recent Jo Chat

DH SPOILERS  Transcript here
1, She’s got an American Tour coming up, so it’s all going to get worse and worse.

2. She makes it up as she bloody goes along.

3. Ron works for Weasley Wizard Wheezes now?  2 days ago he was working for the Ministry according to another interview. And I’ve never moaned about this before, but Wizard is very sexist.

4. Hermione’s memory spells – 2 different charms. My ARSE.

5. So. Tom was EVIL because he entered this world through a non-consensual union.  Ooooo kay… so all children of loveless marriages, arranged weddings, rape and “tricks” are born evil?  Where does this fit in with “it is our choices that define us?

6. Chats are not canon, and I’ll never consider them so.

7. If the stupid Homenem Revelio can show people hidden under cloaks etc then you’d think that people would have used it before. Lucius and Snape have both confronted Harry under the cloak.  It would be a Death Eater staple.

8. Death Eaters can’t cast Patronus?  WTF?  If I were banged up in Azkaban, the first thing I’d do on release was learn the Patronus. Crap. Even differently good types have happy memories.  Umbridge can, for example – and she’s as bad as Lucius.

9. Why do all the women get married? This is so unlikely. Is it because she was a single mother or something? Compensation?

10. I don’t think she really understands the phenomemon that is Snape.  She obviously never liked him – I really can’t think that she did.

11, Regulus is very very VERY bright. Brighter than the Trio, that’s for sure.

12. Wasn’t it previous canon that Parselmouths were VERY rare?  The idea of it suddenly being a learnable language is pretty stoopid, and backfilling.

13. How did Colin get back into Hogwarts – surely he didn’t have a wand?

14. How did Dolohov kill a werewolf? JKR has already confirmed in another interview that only silver can kill one.

15. I think one of the things that really pisses me off is that one minutes she says that “not everyone finds love and pairs up” and then later she says that Krum (of course) found love back in his own country.

16:  This made me laugh out loud: 
Lecanard: Will we see harry and his friends having their own history on chocolate frogs cards

J.K. Rowling: Definitely, and Ron will describe this as his finest hour.

Yeah – I can see Ron’s card now.  “Ron Weasley. Once won a chess match. Was given a Put-Outer by Dumbledore (see Wizard Card 1) as Dumbledore thought it was the only way girls would ever put out for him.”

17.  A little bit of my backstory was supported at least. “Bellatrix took a pureblood husband because that was what expected of her” e.g. Lucius’s marriage was arranged. (he learned to respect and then to love Narcissa, even though his Great Love was Severus)

Gah.  I have many many many more things to say. I wish I could sit around a coffee table witha group of fans and tell him how bad I feel about all this.  Enough for now.

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