Heroes and a real growly rant

Isaac cleaned up isn’t half as cute as drugged up Isaac.

I really liked the waitress. I hope Hiro gets to do something.

Claire’s dad cares about her. That’s nice!!

Is Mohindra ever going to be intergral? Or be forever annoying?

I am now fixated at the way Andro’s ears go up when he smiles.

Shall I tell what I dislike intensely?  When someone asks ME if I would beta a story for them, and then when I do, (and I spend a lot of time and effort and research over it) and send it back I get no acknowledgment, no thanks, no NOTHING. And then when she sells it, nothing either.  I LIKE beta-ing. I don’t do a lot of it and anyone who knows me knows my punctuation SUCKS but I can brit pick as well as anyone.  I like helping others. And there’s nothing that discourages me from never helping anyone ever again as not even being thanked.  Grump Grump Grump

And finally:

Just for the grump.

Decimate. Know what this means, Authors.  Look it up. It’s a horrible horrible Roman punishment and it doesn’t mean “to wipe out.”

Free Reign. No Reigns are free, and you don’t give anyone free reign over anything. Really. You don’t. It’s a horsey term. See Dressage.

Insure. You don’t insure that something is done.  You ENSURE it.

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