*sniffles* pass tissue please…

I’ve just watched THIS. oh the pretty pretty slashiness….

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And it’s wonderful. Fantastically well filmed, incredible sets, amazing costumes – cast of 1000’s to recreate the evacuation of Shanghai in the 1930’s and on top of all that a really REALLY slashy friendship between John Lone as Fong/Billy and Adrian Pasdar (Heroes) as Dawson.

Pasdar gets very nekkid in the first half hour, kidnapped, stripped and plonked into a hot tub with John Lone (who has an amazing arse) – there’s no overt mention that they are having a relationship, but one of the gang bosses has a “little friend” and it’s fairly well assumed that Dawson and Fong are “partners” PLUS in the bathhouse – in Dawson’s POV the camera pans down Fong’s body and concentrates on his arse makes it bloody obvious to me. And with Dawson having a bitch fit at Fong’s wedding…

And the ending !   *blubbers inconsolably*  Incredibly romantic. *Erastes bawls.*

I had a version that was all in Chinese, (I bought it from China) but I think some versions might have English in them.

Well worth a look if you can get hold of it.  Oh and the music will really get under your skin too.

As  puts it: “This is not subtext. This text is nothing like sub. It is so dominant it is standing there in a Japanese soldier’s uniform whipping the fucking plot for its own jollies.”

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