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OK – I’ve found my true home. Gay Sci Fi Nerds

Due to the Haworth sell-off, I don’t think my gay space opera will be finding an anthology in the near future, I’ve heard nothing from the editor, and nothing from the company. It wasn’t contracted, and Greg said that he was planning to put it into “Distant Horizons 2″ so we are talking a long long time in the future – if ever. So… I thought – as I’ve already written another short story with the same characters – I might do a novel with them, perhaps a short story adventure per chapter – vaguely moving along an underlining plot – but each story standing in its own right. Kind of like a television series, I suppose. Could be an interesting project to do. Means also that I won’t get mired into a novel, and I can dip in and out of it. And when it comes to Erastes and sci-fi, we are talking space opera, so there’s less Sci and more Fi if you get me. I don’t do maths, or physics and according to Heinlein, that makes me nothing better than a simian who has learned not to mess in the house. Anyway, that’s for a future project. *G*

Film Night: No Reservations – Catherine Zeta Jones. AVOID. Truly bad. Rom-com with no Rom and no Com. Chick flick to make you sick. So so AWFUL. CZJ – i’ve yet to see you in a film that I like. Come back here and learn your trade properly, perhaps.

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