Still a bit sweaty – Brethren, First Impressions

Went into work this morning, then started to sweat like a mad thing with the temperature so came home after an hour and half. Yuk. Will try again tommorrow.

Dear HMV:  When you send me an email at 1530hrs saying you have a problem processing my order and that you will try again in 24 hours I do not expect TWO HOURS LATER to get another email saying that you’ve cancelled siad order because you’ve been trying to process it for 48hours or more, when I only placed the damned order at 830 in the bloody morning!  LIARS!!  Do NOT expect another order from me. (Goes back to Amazon)

I’ve started Brethren Raised by Wolves Volume 1. And although I will continue to the end and will review it, I have to say I’m a little underwhelmed. After all the squee I had from people I was expecting more.  I think it COULD be a very good book; it’s not badly written, it’s obviously well researched although there are silly slip ups here and there, like “pants”, sayings like “that’s a given” and people riding about 30 miles in tropical heat through untamed jungle in a day but … well, I think the word bloated is what I’m looking for. Hoffman self published it and while that’s not such a terrible thing, it could have done with a harsh editor. It needs a decent pair of scissors and a red pen to cut it down from the 550 or so pages.  There’s a hell of a lot of repetition – if he goes on about wolves and sheep any more (and I’m betting he WILL because I’m only on page 150) I’m going to go mad.  He tells everyone he meets his life story and this is just annoying and unnecessary and can be handled with “I told him my life story” – a rare case when a little more telling rather than showing could come in handy.  And he says “I am not a Protestant” Then he makes it clear he’s not a Catholic – so what is he? Muslim?  He may not consider himself a protestant (although he celebrated Mass – what was THAT about?)(apart from being fucking unlikely in 1666) but he’d still be one.

Oh and cutesy little lines referring to the Gods at the end of EVERY chapter?  Got annoying after four chapters. Now it’s just like a dripping tap. (And that’s not to mention the OKHOMO, and the interminable conversations…..)  So yes. Underwhelmed.  More when I finish.

Dwarf Index 3: Grumpy, Sweaty, Bitchy

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