Vampires and the Botox Gene

1, SO ILL. Got a chill. Shivery, headache, temperature. Horrid.  Note to Self: You know bloody well that if you’ve got an ‘eadache and then a sore throat that something is around the corner, right. YOU KNOW THIS.  But no. You felt fine this morning and buggered off to Dad’s. When are you going to learn to listen to your body as it seems to know you better than you do, apparently.  This Erastes. This: Smack on Head.

2. ‘s back, (YAY) and she’s been reading vampire trash and semi trash on the planes.  She wanted to know why oh why oh why Vampires (and other immortals) are always Fuck Off Gorgeous.  “I mean, why are all vampires or other races of immortal beings always drop dead gorgeous?  Because they live long enough to save up for good plastic surgery?  That Darkhunter book was really bad that way – here you have all these creatures trying to pass for human and they all look like supermodels.  Wouldn’t it be easier to go around unnoticed if they looked like plumbers and shopclerks?”

I thoroughly agree – I’ve often considered that there needs to be Clique Vampires, Bimbos, Jocks and Spotty Herberts who thought they’d be beautiful for ever, but it just froze them in time exactly as they were.  *guffaws *

Sick. Going to bed.  *waves pathetically *

© Copyright 2007 Erastes, All rights Reserved. Written For: Erastes
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