Whee – bought a phone!

I’ve been phoneless for a couple of years (cell/mobile that is) because well, basically – I have no life and no bugger ever rings me on it. But now I have my dad to worry about, and my car is getting older I thought it was about time I crawled back to the tekkie age.

However, not THAT tekkie – I’m not buying a new one, in fact the one I bought – THIS ONE – has been upgraded, not once but twice, and the latest model has been replaced too!  But: I wanted a phone that flipped open (yes, I’m a geek) and I wanted a camera and this has both, even if it’s not terribly “modern”.   Plus it has a bluetooth ear piece (hee!) so I can pretend that I’ve been mind-napped by the Cybermen.  (Geek, remember?)

Phone Book: 1000 entries.  Hahahahahahaha.  Oh the irony.   But does anyone KNOW what all this gunk means?  What, for example is “Mobile Concatenation”?  Sounds complicated.  And what is “PIM Functionality”  Does it make Pimms as well as doing all that other stuff? And great. reminder alerts.  Another piece of inanimate crap telling me that I have no life. 

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