Grumpity Grump Grump

I’m sorry publishers but I’m getting a bit sick of this sort of thing


Est. Response Time: up to 7 months, only responds to submissions that are accepted
dANDelion Magazine Society
c/o Department of English
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1N4, Canada
DO NOT send a SASE w/submission–will not return
What is the rationale behind this? It doesn’t give a professional impression, it pisses people off, and frankly for twenty-five quid I wouldn’t get out of bed, to be brutal.
If you are accepting email submissions then it doesn’t take an Einstein to set up an auto-response saying that the submission has been received.
Anybody can create two mailing lists as submissions come in – accepted – Not accepted. It doesn’t take long to be polite.
And if someone follows all polite conventions and sends a SAE, what’s the difficulty in sending it off?
If massive publishing houses can be polite enough to send at least a form rejection, then I would think that a local university press would follow suit. Sheesh, they can’t be THAT inundated. They might be prestigious for all I know, but I know smaller and larger places who take the trouble to deal as professionally with their authors as their authors do with them.
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