Historical Writers Wanted

Now this wouldn’t do for me, as their submission details say they want WHOLESOME and they might have a problem with teh gay shaggage.  Not that that’s not wholesome, it’s just that word rather evokes teh fundamentalist stance to me. Hope I’m wrong.

However, I’m sure someone on my flist will find it interesting.

Beachside Press, a small, independent publisher, is accepting well written historical novels, both mainstream and romance. Targeted audiences may be adult as well as young adult readers. Authentic characters, based on their time period, and strong storylines are a must. 

Please submit one sample chapter, a 300-word synopsis of the completed work, and an author bio in the body of your email. Submissions with attachments will not be read. Also include a competitive analysis that explains how your manuscript compares to already published competing works as well as a marketing plan (what you can and will do to help sell your book). All this information must be included in the email to have your submission considered. 

Send submissions to the email address above. 
For more information about Beachside Press, go to: www.beachsidepress.com

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