Just heard from Alyson Books and my Titanic story “Lifeline” (frantic cold sex in a lifeboat) has been accepted for their “Cruising” anthology.  If you were a member of my Newsletter… you would have had a snippet, too…. Is Mean.

Very Pleased. I’ve made my target sales this year, theoretically – but with the Haworth problems, two of those won’t count.  Higher target next year.

Also – a friend of mine in Chesterfield, UK has just announced that she asked her local library to stock STANDISH and they sent her a card today to say that they’d bought a copy and it was ready for her to pick up, they bought it specially.

Erastes hits the public library system!  This is the only book available in the UK that I know of, so do me a favour, go into your local library and demand they get you one!

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