Sometimes my life is a bloody one way street, yanno?

And why is it that the minute solicitors qualify they become gits? Is there a club they join or something? Nice little trainees being all helpful and fluffy and then BAM! Instant Git. Just add water.

I’m on leave after today, thank the non-gender specific deity, but blech do I have a lot to do before I can leave. *cries*

There was an excellent programme on last night about children’s books – Philip Pullman was on, together with Anthony Horowitz and they both mentioned homophobia which made me happy. Judy said a stupid thing that His Dark Materials was “Morally ambiguous.” No Shit, Sherlock. Isn’t every great book in some places? I do love the outlaw gay angels, can’t help you there, Judy. No mention of Potter hardly at all, and no mensh of gay Albus. Was wonderful to see clips of “Northern Lights” sorry – the Golden Compass… but there doesn’t seem to be the daemon presence I was expecting, no sign of snow leopards or monkeys or even any shots of Pan with Lyra- perhaps they are still CGI’ing them in?? Pullman DID say, however that he’s writing a new Lyra story “not a sequel as that story is over, but she’s about 4 years older” so I’m really looking forward to that.

Chapter 16 nearly done and there is still no smexing. I blame the weather.

Oh well, back on the chain gang. Yo-oo heave ho…

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