I’ve lost my layout – and I can’t find how to get it back! Bugger. Everything’s changed on the layout page. Oh well. The layout I have at the moment is leaning toward the new website I’ll have soon-ish. It won’t be the same, exactly, but the piece of art is donated very kindly by the artist – Gehayi pointed me to the Cool Bits Generator

and these are just some of the plot bunnies – *wallows*

It starts in a gas station in the middle of nowhere, with an evil twin. The antagonist looks down on the whole world and the plot involves elements like inept crooks and scars on the abdomen.

It starts in a landscape lost in mist, with a psychic. The antagonist is a psychopath and the plot involves elements like supernatural abilities become pedestrian and forbidden love.

The story begins in neon-lit streets, when a retired superhero and a incompetent assassin meet because of fingers sliding under clothing. It involves boundaries breaking down.

The story narrates a journey between a souk and a boardwalk during winter, during which an antihero and a person who stays behind to make sure everyone gets out safe encounter a regretful telepath with trailing sleeves, as well as gender confusion and holding someone still with one hand tangled in their hair.

This narrative contains the non-human as genuinely strange and incomprehensible. It starts in a ballroom full of swishing skirts and duplicity with a shapechanger. The antagonist is an intelligent person and the plot involves elements like gender confusion and betraying one’s creators.

This narrative is about the universe’s sense of time vs. human time. It starts in the Malabar Coast with a darkly Byronic anti-hero. The antagonist is a tragic singer and the plot involves elements like tossing a coin and catching it and loyalty.

Your narrative takes place on the edge of evil. It begins in turn-of-the-century Europe. There is a funeral and a boy in a shirt with a collar loose enough to show his collarbones who meets a beefy yet intelligent man. It ends with overcoming an age difference in a romantic relationship.

Your story begins with a solitary journey to an unknown destination. In an attic there is a woman who is sexual with no care of what others say who has Victorian clothing. The protagonist experiences things like isolation and alchemy. It finally ends with dragons.

Your story begins with a tall man in a dark Armani suit in a landscape lost in mist. The villain is a person who selfishly leaves everything behind who has long hair. Plot elements include mind control and the night sky in winter.

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