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I’ve just re-read The Charioteer, and have different emotions at the end of it this time. The first time I read it wanted to burn my keyboard but now I just feel deeply inspired. I know that I’ll never be able to write like that, and I don’t want to. But I want to write better, and it’s great to have a book like that to aspire to. I feel most deeply for Ralph this time around, last time it was for Laurie. Heaven forbid next time it will be for Andrew. I still don’t “get” a lot of it, undecided as to what Andrew is or was or whatever, and a lot of the philosphy goes right over my head, but still. What a book.

I’ve just noticed that Torquere Press have their books organised into a historical section and I found several titles there that I hadn’t noticed before, so I’ve added them to the E-books section of the I’m looking forward to reading the ones I haven’t seen before. Elsewhere I found a YA gay historical called “Damned Strong Love” by Lutz Van Dijk & Elizabeth Crawford, the first one I’ve found. Please point me to others if you know of them.

I had an enquiry from an author as to whether we would review lesbian historical fiction over at Speak its Name. I’m all for it, really, because the community is more of a success than I thought such a tiny niche market would ever allow it to be, but also because I notice that there are far more lesbian historicals coming out in print than there are gay historicals. I don’t know why this is, but in any event it seems to be something that needs encouraging. But, trouble is I don’t read it – and I don’t know anyone in my immediate circle who does. So if there’s anyone out there that would like to volunteer then please do. You’d get the occaisional free book, but mainly you’d have to do what the rest of us do, review books you are already reading, or have read. Anyway, I told the author I would mention it and see what reaction I got.

Oh and yay and thanks to Dear Author for the free publicity! *thumbs up*

I see Andrew Davis has made a version of Fanny Hill, which will probably be unusual because it’s likely to be less bawdy than the original, and I VERY much doubt it will have the infamous and edited out of most versions male sex scene. However, I shall watch optimistically. :)

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