Speak Its Name Update

We’ve reviewed a good few books on Speak Its Name since the last update, as well as having discussions and special themes.  Go nuts!  Thanks to all the great reviewers and don’t forget if you want to review something you’ve read, just let me know. I’m just finishing “Earthly Joys” so that will be my next one.

Wicked Game by Jade Falconer
A Summer Place by Ariel Tachna
Angel?s Evolution by T A Chase
A Good Man is Hard to Find by Jeanne Laws
Death of a Monk by Anon Hilu
Virginian Bedfellows by Gavin Morris
David Blaize by E F Benson
Indiscretions by Elayne S Venton
Time & Place by Alan Sheridan
The House on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier
Lord John & The Brotherhood of the Blade by Diana Gabaldon
Discreet Young Gentleman by M J Pearson
Brethren Raised by Wolves Vol1 by W A Hoffman
Christianity, Social Tolerance & Homosexuality by John Boswell
Song of the Loon by Richard Amory
Living Upstairs by Joseph Hansen

Oh and – The Big Gay Historical List has been updated with about 30 new titles.

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