Transgressions Update

So – I’ve heard from the publisher – they think the book is “epic” (squee!) and they say they do want another Erastes novel which is nice to hear, but they think that the book needs a lot of fixing.  I have to agree, actually – regular readers will know that I got bogged down in the middle of it and I’m the first to admit that it shows. They have reservations about some of the sex, too, which is easy to fix, I think – but they also don’t much like one of the relationships, and that’s going to be harder to sort out, as it’s rather vital to Jonathan’s downward spiral.  But I think I can do it; it’s just the IDEA of wading back into the book and rewriting after all this time.  was utterly right in her advice; “nothing is sacred” – it’s very easy as a new novelist to consider your book “your baby” and you can’t change anything, and I did feel like that at one point, but I guess it’s time and experience – I can reshape it.  It’s too dark for a Romance and people won’t like certain aspects.  I can save the dark for non-romances.

How about you guys? How do you manage your time when you have a current WIP on the go and a rewrite to do?  I love hearing other people’s experiences on their writing.  Right now I’m “bunny in the headlights” – this week was going to be 1960’s and now I have to get into the Tardis and nip back a few hundred years.

I’ve just finished “Earthly Joys” by Philipa Gregory, and I have to say that in the main I enjoyed it – what it didn’t do was captivate me totally. It was one of those books that I had by the bed and dipped into it from time to time- it took about a month or so to read, whereas some books (most) I read enthrall me and I can’t let them go until completion. It was a good characterisation of loyalty, and obsession and an obsessive personality and the parts I found most interesting were the plant-hunting parts.  I’ll be doing a longer and more explanatory review on Speak Its Name later in the week.

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