“Where the Boys Are” is out now.

Where the Boys Are
Edited by Richard Labont?

Many a confident urban gay man in the Castro, West Hollywood, and Chelsea was once a wide-eyed newcomer. Every year thousands of young men arrive in these queer-friendly neighborhoods, seduced by city life and its sexual possibilities. In Where the Boys Are, Richard Labont? collects sexually-explicit memoirs and stories about these newly arrived country boys. Here are stories of first times, initiations, bars, backrooms, dance clubs, and parties, reading (or misreading) the codes?and sometimes teaching those city boys a thing or two. Including stories by Simon Sheppard, Kemble Scott and Ted Cornwell, thisanthology chronicles coming out in hungry, titillating detail.

?I didn?t expect to get my cock sucked on my first night in New York City,but maybe I should have? I knew that there were hot, hunky guys, as well as huge, hairy ones, but that?s pretty much where my imagery stopped; chiseled and flawless or fat and furry, those were the choices. I didn?t know which one was my type, but it didn?t really matter.?
-From the story ?Live From New York?

Richard Labont?
writes book reviews, edits books, translates technical writing intoreal English, and reads a lot. Sometimes he?s sitting on the porch of atwo-hundred-acre farm in Calabogie, Ontario, co-owned with severalcollege friends for more than thirty years. Sometimes he?s sitting onthe deck of a home on Bowen Island, a short ferry ride from VancouverBritish Columbia.

November 2007
$14.95, Trade paper, 204pp, 5.5 x 8
For more information or to order, contact Kara Wuest, Cleis Press 415-575-4700 (phone), 415-575-4705 (fax), kwuest@cleispress.com www.cleispress.com

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