Gah. So bloomin’ busy at work, it’s just not funny.

BUT! Wonderful news today – I’ve got a shiny new website. Thank you thank you thank you to the designer who modestly said “pshaw all I did was edit the template” but to ME this kind of work is like … necromancy. I don’t understand it and I don’t suppose I ever will. It’s doubly good of her actually because she created it all in Joomla and I had a panic attack because I just didn’t understand Joomla at ALL so she redid the whole thing in WordPress just because I am a moron with the technical capabilities of a dead flea. *smooshes her*

BUT ISN’T IT PRETTY!!!!!! There’s still some work to do putting up older posts and formatting the writing snippets, but t’is nearly done.

Just a note, you might need to amend your bookmarks just now, until the index page of page has been sorted out. Also many thanks to Paul Benincasa for the lubbly drawing.

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