Hmm. I don’t even want to look at my post about this from last year

-I’m thankful:
-For the fact me and my Dad have made it through this year so far and that we have each other and are closer than we’ve ever been.
-For Dad’s good health and that the Alzheimer’s doesn’t seem to be getting any worse
-For getting the Snucius when I needed them most, and for FogHorn Lili who, even though she drives me beserk only has to pat me with an affectionate paw and I’d forgive her anything.
-For the continued muse and that people seem to actually want to read my scribbles.
-For Lucius Malfoy, without whom I wouldn’t have written anything. (I guess that means I have to be thankful to JKR as well, damnit.)
-For Cheese!
-For my flist who amuse, infuriate, encourage and love in waves (I don’t comment on you lot as much as I’d like, but I do read all of my flist every day)
-For Henri, Ingrid, Becky, Tracey, Tam, Serena, Penny, Don, Max, Ann, Anne, Jac, Lee, Alex and anyone else I’ve missed who have shored me up and carried me through this year.
-Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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