I don’t think I’ve expressed my love for Ugly Betty recently. *smooshes it* Mark and Cliff are just darling. Although Cliff deserves better I just go all warm and fuzzy when they have scenes together. Having Posh Spice on was a masterstroke, she can’t act, but of course she didn’t need to. That girl is a lot smarter than she lets on. Actually I’d be happier if Betty wasn’t in it, as she’s my least favourite character.

It’s cold and it’s damp. Not nice at ALL.

Cranford also continues to make me happy. I haven’t read the books, as I said before, so I’m not bothered about stuff they may have changed, but I will read them after it’s finished. It’s BBC drama like it should be.

Heroes is drawing to an end and what am I going to do on Wednesdays?? argh!

*mutters* yes i’m writing, at last. *mutter mutter* ok – i’m going to do get back to it right now. Slave drivers…

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