Film Night: Beowulf in 3d

Surprisingly, it didn’t suck!  I actually enjoyed it!  granted, Winstone’s accent was appalling “Why did yer fink yer could kill me? You aren’t the first or the hundref.”

Bad casting, imho, but the animation is spectacular and the 3D is incredible – I’d actually never been to see a 3D film for years and so wasn’t expecting black glasses and not those silly coloured ones that Dr who likes.  The technology is obviously coming along very nicely indeed – Beowulf nearly put my eye out with his sword (yes the metal type, more of that later) a couple of times, and I was tempted to go all Michael Caine and shout “Oy! Stop shaking those bloody spears!” but I did not. It was bad enough the moronic woman sitting behind me was trying to CATCH things floating over my head.

“Yes, madam, there IS a dragon in the cinema, should I phone the police or would be like to try and catch its tail again?” *rolls eyes*

There was more blood than my comfort zone managed and Grendel was truly truly scary and the violence was quite graphic but OMG we couldnt show a CGI cock 0h no no no no no!  That kind of threw me actually because it was the first really big action scene, Beowulf stripped off to his buff CGI self (yum) and then began a coy “joke” of covering his genitals with various props – and it was tacky and stupid and was totally inappropriate for the fight. Like the naked Bart scene in the Simpsons Movie.  However – it wasn’t that awful and I actually quite enjoyed it.  (I realise that purists will probably be rolling in the graves, but I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know the poem so I don’t know how faithful it was and I don’t know much about 6th century clothing but it LOOKED authentic to me.

BUT if you can make fab cgi men and wonderful “monstas” then why the blithering HECK can’t they do horses properly!!!!!???

“Brit” meme gacked from  

1. When was the last time you ate a pasty?

sunday – my local shoppe does the most divine Cornish Pasties and the most authentic outside Cornwall that I’ve found.

2. Did the Moomins freak you out as a kid?

No – I loved them. And I wasn’t a kid either – I never read the books (they only had them in the original language in my school, which says a lot (same for Tin Tin and Asterix)) and only really got into them for the cartoons.

3. Got any A-Levels?

English, Biology

4. What’s your favourite pub?

In the WORLD????  Impossible. Here’s a few that stand out.  The Mother Redcap in Holloway Road, The Intrepid Fox in Wardour Street, just about any pub in Ireland, (specially Mohill) and any of the pubs on Poole Harbour.

5. What’s your favourite pub grub?

Sausage inna bun. After pub grub  – Doner Kebab

6. How about curry, do you like it and what’s your fave?

Some really hot the way mamma used to make.

7. Which national saints days do you celebrate?

St Patrick and St George but not for any religious reasons.

8. It’s Christmas day. Morcambe and Wise or the Queen’s Speech?

How old is this quiz? Morcambe and Wise?  The Queen’s Speech is de rigeur, but other than that the television isn’t on.

9. You are having a dinner guest over. You find out it’s a SUN journalist, what do you do?

why would I invite someone like that to my HOUSE?  If he’s lucky he might some some fat balls on the bird table.

10. What did you get up to last Guy Fawkes night?

Making sure the cats weren’t scared. I used to like GFs until I realised what it was we were burning.

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