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No reviewer starts reading a book to review with anything other than optimism.  Reviewers have to be optimists by default (until the day they aren’t and start sticking pencils up their nose) because otherwise we/they wouldn’t be so passionate about spreading the word and reading books. Granted, some people review merely for the bonus of getting free books.  I’m not – I get the occasional free PDF or paperback but it’s a rarity and I’m very grateful when it happens. 

In the main I buy my books for myself and just do reviews on them, because I like to talk about books, always have.

The thing is that unless it says “Bitches” or “Spork” or other such word on any particular blog then reviewers want to like your book. As a mod of a review site, I wouldn’t even let any reviewer do a book if I suspect that the reviewer has any bones to grind with an author or is not professional enough to work past that.

So when I see Diva-authors demanding to have unfavourable reviews removed from the internet (either on blogs or amazon) it makes my blood boil in a way that I can hardly describe. 

Critique has been around since the first creation. Perhaps Ug daubed some blood on a wall that looked a bit like a hippo and Ig said (in Ig speak) “no look like hippo to me.”  I doubt if Ug made Ig take that back.  If someone wrote about Hamlet “God, the protaganist!  I hated him, wordy bugger!”  Can you see Will trotting along to Ye Olde Newspaperie and demanding a retraction? And similarly, I doubt that anyone has the brass cojones to email someone like Nicholas Lezard or The Times and says “Oi!  How dare you not LOVE my book! Take down your disparaging remarks forthwith you blackguard or I shall sue your arse off.”

Because they would laugh at you. Which is what I’m doing now.  I feel the same for the Anne Rice wannabees who respond publicly to unfavourable reviews. It makes them look stupid.  Learn the difference between libel and OPINION, you Divas.

On another but not completely unrelated subject: – Authors in General:  what is the point of putting your hard written book on online stores with no blurb or description? Hmm?  Am I going to buy it if i don’t know what it’s about? No, I’m not.  No wonder your sales are minimal.

I had some more wonderful help today,  made me two loverly banners (under the next cut) and  brain stormed (or rather she did and I listened) and I have some really good ideas for a new project which I think can work. Too many bloody ideas, I need another week in my week (where I don’t have to work) and two extra arms.


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