Special things, 1,2,3

Happy Birthday !

And, continuing on from my post about DIVA-AUTHORS the other day – and with impeccable timing, we award the Speshul Snowflake award to…..

*drumroll please, maestro*

Patricia Cornwell!


And for a further giggle – Google Alerts threw up this submission call today I really really had to laugh over this section.

“Your story must be Paranormal Romance in nature. …. For us Paranormal Romance might involve a sexy female vampire, a handsome man possessed with a curse (perhaps werewolf), a lovely young witch, etc,. You could also write a passionate sci-fi romance involving androids or those sexy girls from mars (you know the ones with three breasts). As long as it is a passionate love story involving human and other being we will consider your story.

We like our stories to have non-stop action but this is not a requirement for this type of story. We do want a passionate love story with a paranormal element and at least one spicy bedroom scene.

Your story has to be believable.

*chortles* That’s rather subjective isn’t it? Believable???

Finally…. I’ve just read and reviewed a CRACKING good m/m historical, one that’s been around a while – “A Different Sin” by Rochelle Hollander Schwab which is simply great. Review here.

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