Survey: Covers and Buyability

Ruth Sims has a series of unofficial survey questions for readers of m/m romance .

Please reply personally to Ruth at

1) If m/m romances were readily available and easy to find in stores such as Barnes & Noble would you buy them?

2) Is the author’s perceived gender a consideration? Would you buy a m/m romance authored by a man?

3) Women tend to read in public a lot–doctor’s offices, etc. The following Amazon titles represent different types of covers. Which one would you be more likely to buy in a store? The titles below were chosen only for their covers as examples, with no consideration given to the author or story. Please just rank them 1 (would buy) 9 for bookstore “buyability”. We’re not collecting names or information, so any comments you care to make are welcome. The titles were chose at random from the Amazon Top 100 lists ? gay fiction, and gay romance.

The Tin Star (Langley)

Racing the Moon (Tortuga)

Walking Wounded (Rowan)

Soul Mates: Bound by Blood (Lane)

Natural Disaster (Owen)

The Price of Temptation (Pearson)

Standish (Erastes)

When You Don’t See Me (Beck)

The Back Passage (Lear)

To Love a Cowboy (Aile)

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