*I think I’ve just had the worst mince pie in the World. Overwhelming cloves, and bitter walnut. *mouthbleach*

*You’d think that at the end of a very busy year, when an assistant has been working for ten solicitors (where most of the other assistants are only working for three or four, they might get her a little something, wouldn’t you? Yeah. Me too. That must happen in other universes.

*Question: Why is it in films – seems to be American films I think – that a child can take control of the parent’s credit card? Is this something that can happen? It seems bizarre to me. What about the signature?

*Film Night: Enchanted: Utterly – UTTERLY – brilliant. I appreciate a good piss-take, particularly when a giant corporation really laughs at itself and this ticks all my funny-bone boxes. It’s a great kid’s film, but it’s even better for adults, particularly the “Disney Geeks” on my flist – and I know I have quite a few. I spotted many references to Beauty & The Beast, Snow White, Aladdin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty just to name a few. I need to see it again to catch all the stuff I missed. The songs are SINGABLE straight out of the theatre (which in my book is the benchmark of a good musical) and Canaries Chick and I were singing “Love’s True Kiss” all the way back to the carpark. Highly recommended, and probably the best film I’ve seen since POTC1. Timothy Spall (having just blown my socks off as Fagin) stuns me again with a Dandini role to Prince Edward. I could have done without the annoying chipmunk, though – to be honest.

*I’m sure there was something else, but I forgit.

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