*blink and jaw drop*

How on earth did I miss the homoerotic scene in Spartacus before?  Crassus (Olivier) is being bathed by a very young and very beautiful Antoninus (Tony Curtis.)

Marcus Licinius Crassus: Do you eat oysters?
Antoninus: When I have them, master.
Marcus Licinius Crassus: Do you eat snails?
Antoninus: No, master.
Marcus Licinius Crassus: Do you consider the eating of oysters to be moral and the eating of snails to be immoral?
Antoninus: No, master.
Marcus Licinius Crassus: Of course not. It is all a matter of taste, isn’t it?
Antoninus: Yes, master.
Marcus Licinius Crassus: And taste is not the same as appetite, and therefore not a question of morals.
Antoninus: It could be argued so, master. 
Marcus Licinius Crassus: My robe, Antoninus. (pause)      My taste includes both snails and oysters.  Antoninus, look. Across the river. There is something you must see. There, boy, is Rome! The might, the majesty… the terror of Rome. There is the power that bestrides the known world like a colossus. No man can withstand Rome. No nation can withstand her. How much less… a boy! There’s only one way to deal with Rome, Antoninus. You must serve her. You must abase yourself before her. You must grovel at her feet. You must… Iove her. Isn’t that so, Antoninus?

And… Antonius has legged it. Silly boy.  *grins happily*  Oh it’s so nice to discover slashiness in films that I never imagined it would be in.

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