Happy Smug Day

That is – smug I don’t have to WORK!

Happy birthdays and !!

Very happy that Dear Lucius is still on the Forbes Rich List.  In a modest (and never showy) 14th place 

Wouldn’t want to draw too much attention, would I? Look what happened to Voldemort.

Speaking of Voldemort – how did he expect to finance his world domination?

I am of the opinion that he intended to mump off me fairly heavily. But I don’t think he thought that far ahead.  Myopic fool.

And it’s fairly obvious to me that Lucius only leaked the figures that would get him on the list. 

Darling one, you know me entirely too well. Must do something about that…

But really. The richest wizard in Potterdom is rich through inheritance?  Do these wizards have no ambition – imagination?

No. It’s degrading.

If someone handed me magical powers – do you know what the first thing I’d think would be? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Well, quite.

Oh Well, on with Boxing Day. Wrens to Kill, tradesmen to goose…, beggars to patronise….

Too much alcohol to drink, naff televisual box to stare at.

Shhh, you.

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