I love my Country


Yesterday there was a version of  he Weakest Link and all the contestants were Children’s TV Puppets.  *dies of the giggles*  I’ve never heard Ann be so nice!

I’m cold, and I haven’t written a word of my book or any short stories (and god alone knows I have enough of them) in the 9 days I’ve had off. I suck.

I finally watched the Hogfather TV Special thingy and I have to say I was a bit disappointed.  Oh it was very good, characterisation was marvellous etc etc, the special effects amazing but it just left me cold, and rather … bored.  I wonder if I only knew what was going on because I had read the book, and whether a person who had no knowledge of the Discworld would understand what the blazes was going on. Susan was exactly how Susan should be, but then I’ve always hated and despised Susan right from the very begininng, uptight, pompous anti-fun loving COW that she is. Teatime was brilliant, but then I love everything Warren does.

I’m off to wrap myself in a blanket and feed this small white foghorn before my ears start to bleed.

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