Past it at last

I’m staring at that heading and now I don’t know whether it should be “passed it at last”. I’m referring to my mother’s death anniversary, so perhaps either is actually correct?

Anyway, thanks to the people who mailed me with kind thoughts, it is always astounding to me that some people are kind enough to do such small kindnesses.

Yesterday dad and I went to a very mad and very full Sainsbury’s and filled up a trolley with goodies. Probably a lot more “ready to roast” foods in it than mother would have ever used, but I simply don’t have the time she had. But we have some turkey, and duck, and beef and all sorts of delicious things.

But I have to apologise to some on my flist: I never posted those Christmas cards that I promised people – and I know that you’ve all send me yours. I feel bad about that, and I can only say sorry. I suck. But thank you, all. The very least I can do is try and send something out in the New Year.

I also owe a lot of copies of Standish to competition winners, but I hope everyone will give me allowances for a very bad year. I’ll try better in 2008. I promise! :)

Lucius is HOME. I don’t think I even noted that he’d gone missing again, because I was so embarrassed about having to tell you that he’d disappeared a second time. This time he was away for TWO WEEKS(!!!!) and then suddenly wandered back in, starving hungry and with really bitten up (by something) ears as if he’d never been away. He’s given me one of the best presents I could have asked for, as I really didn’t think that he’d be back again, and I can’t imagine where he’s been for two weeks, or where he got those injuries. Severus was actually quite angry that he’d returned and was quite spiteful for a day or two. Perhaps he’s as anti The Prodigal Son parable as I am. However Lucius has shown no interest in going out except to relieve himself, so that’s (excuse the pun) a relief.

To Everyone, A Very Merry Christmas, a very Happy New Year – or a very happy holiday of your faith that you celebrate. I hope that 2008 is as hopeful and rosy for you as I hope that it will be for me. Hope you like the icon, btw – I rather like to think of Rafe and Ambrose looking out at the snow, with a glass of wine in their hands and hoping that 1823 will be a good year for them.

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