Film Night: St Trinian’s

“Well done Elspeth-it was Deadly Nightshade”

I don’t think Kerry appreciated all the injokes, but I did!  The film pays great homage to the original films (and even has a great tribute to Ronald Searle) I spotted culture references to Pride and Prejudice, Girl with the Pearl earring (Colin Firth Joke), Thomas Crown Affair, The Italian Job, Mission Impossible, and probably a load of others that I missed completely.

Rupert Everett is perfect as the Headmistress and is a wonderful follow on from Alistair Sim, he plays it straight (as it were) and the love story between him and Colin Firth is rather touching and very slashy.  There’s an hilarious line where RE says: “Ah, that was another time” and CF says “Another country” – which made me want to rush out and buy Another Country immediately.  There’s also Russell Brand as Flash Harry (played by George Cole in the original films) who has to pretend to be a gay German art expert.  “What kind of man is he?”  “He’s a count”  “Yeah, he sounds like a right one.”  *snort*  And then he has to go and chat up the other character played by Rupert, which was again, wonderfully slashy.

Starts a little slowly, but gets going, and in true fashion, the girls are completely the stars and they rock.  It was the school I wanted to attend as a child, and I still do.

St Trinian’s St Trinian’s, our battle cry, St Trinian’s St Trinians, will never die

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