Film Night: Sweeney Todd

I didn’t know what to expect and I admit that I really liked it…

That is what I saw of it… I am the world’s biggest wuss when it comes to gore and this is a very beautifu and stylish gore-fest. I had my eyes shut. A Lot.

I knew of the urban legend that was Sweeney, but I hadn’t ever seen any version of the show, I don’t like Sondheim much. I know everyone raves about him, but for me i can’t get into these “modern” musicals where the songs don’t appear to have any actual melody. I know that makes me sound like an old git, but I like a tune I can sing, afterwards.  I wouldn’t go and get the soundtrack to this, because it would lose its magic by not seeing it being performed.

Performances were absolutely top-notch, though, and there wasn’t a dud one amongst the pack of them. Depp sings like an early David Bowie in the role, Bonham-Carter was a little bit hard to understand at times, but she nailed the character well I thought.  Toby was brilliant and Rickman was excellent too. But for me, the incandescent beauty of the film was the young man in my new icon here, Jamie Campbell Bower and I am in LOVE. 

He’s a little younger in the icon here and I can’t find any movie stills of him but he’s got IT, whatever that is, the thing that makes the camera warm to him. Not just beauty but something else.  He’s just about exactly what I consider my teenager, Alex, looks like in my WIP.


Severus is being a bit clingy and has been demanding cuddles. That’s fine but he won’t support himself and that’s awkward when I’m typing. We’ve (finally) compromised. He’s on the desk with a paw on the back of my left hand.

I have two short stories to write by the end of the month, and I need to do some more reviews for Speak Its Name. Only Hayden Thorne and I seem to be reviewing there at the moment, which is a big shame. It slows the output down, as we are both busy people, so if you fancy reviewing any gay historicals you’ve read or you’d like to review the few I have PDFs for and I haven’t got around to yet, then just yell and I’ll send them over. But have a look at the review format first – I want reviews rather than “plot plot plot plot plot and one sentence of I liked it/I didn’t like it”

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