Film Night and other things

1. Film Night. Went to see Juno. Not something I would have chosen but it was Kerry’s birthday and I hadn’t got her anything so I let her have another choice.  I couldn’t imagine why the hell it had been nominated for Oscars, (still can’t really) but it was a good little film. Perhaps America is just not used to teenage pregnancy stories, because of course I’m sure that no American girl ever got pregnant. Juno is bloody 16 for Christ’s sake, as well. Hello? We’ve had SOAP operas with 12 year old mothers over here.  You might be surprised America but kids don’t wait until it’s legal, you know.

HOWEVER. The script WAS pretty good. It didnt compare with Serenity, but it was ok. Enjoyed the film a lot more than I expected to.

2. I’m within a whisper of finishing the novel I’m working on. It’s killing me, I think. Thank GOD for my support group of  and  who I can off-load onto.  I don’t think I could have put up with me for the last 2 years.  There’s much I could say about the book, but I can’t, not yet.

3. Found this quote from JKR on the Leaky Cauldron I am very frustrated that a former fan has tried to co-opt my work for financial gain. The Harry Potter books are full of moral choices and ethical dilemmas, and, ironically, Mr. Vander Ark’s actions tend to demonstrate that he is woefully unfit to represent himself as a ‘fan of’ or ‘expert on’ books books whose spirit he seems entirely to have missed.”

Can someone explain this to me?  I’m not talking about the hilarious attack that refers to the Potter verse morals somehow being missing in Mr Van Ark, but rather that Ms Rowling appears to have allowed about 20 previous encyclopediae.  Why were they “ok” and this one is not?  Is it because they were written by Non BNFs and were not likely to be considered a Bible as SVA’s would be? Or that they weren’t written in blood sweat and tears by someone who (when he started out, at least) didn’t expect a penny’s return for his work, but did it for love.  Or was it that SVA’s work was the one place that JKR could actually check her own canon? (and she has admitted this at least once)

I will say this – if it came to “Who wants to be a millionaire” and I had ONE “phone a friend” and the question was anything in the Book Canon – I would ring Steve rather than JKR.

4. I’ve done a few reviews on Speak Its Name recently, and whilst I don’t normally mention that here, one book review in particular I wanted to point out.  “Only Words” by Tina Anderson and Caroline Monaco (Illustrations). It’s the first “Graphic Novel” that was reviewed on the community, and my own experience of that genre is limited to “Bunty” as a child, and “300”, “Sin City,” and “Sandman”

Here’s my review – and I advise that you read the comments because the author very kindly speaks out, giving her own family background and her reasons for picking such a incendiary time period and geographic location.  It hit me hard, and if you want more than effeminate men and historical inaccuracy in your m/m graphic novels, then BUY THIS

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