PC-ing before work is not cool

Torchwood: Thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, traces of The Satan Pit, and I predicted almost exactly how Owen would come back to life, but I liked that fact that TW were almost completely out of control. I’m sure it wasn’t accidental, but they were fractured – and that’s probably because of Owen’s death. It wasn’t just Owen that was running around like a headless chicken. The team had broken, and they weren’t working well as a team At All. There’s no way that wasn’t deliberate. Less emphasis on general witty dialogue, anything worth saying was being said by Owen and well deserved.  The whole weevil thing – that’s part of the reason I knew Owen wouldn’t stay dead – was something that I knew they HAD to continue from the first series.   But BUGGER YOU BBC – Where was the 7pm repeat? And where the flegging hell was Torchwood confidential?

I find Jason Statham rather hot. This worries me.

I’m not very keen on this new comm , to be honest. They say they will try their best to get an author’s permission to amend, add to, spice up, continue someone’s fics but I think it should be stronger than that. No permission, no hijacking. (which kind of takes the word hijack out of the equation, I suppose.)  There is a post where authors can post “no thank you” on, but that’s only open to members of the community, which is a bit daft.

Ho hum, off to work. What joy.

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