Sevvie update

Well, the GOOD news is that he’s perfectly healthy, no sign of toxins, no liver or kidney damage, no heart or lung problems. I just paid a King’s Ransom for them to tell me there’s nothing much wrong with him. , the sooner you start that Vet Voucher scheme, the BETTER.

Which of course points directly to epilepsy. The vet said he’s of the right age for fits to start but they don’t automatically prescribe anything for the condition unless it becomes chronic, so all I have to do is keep an eye on him and make a note of when (if ever, hope not) he has any more fits. If he ever gets to the stage of one a day then they’ll give him drugs for it, but they hesitate from doing so because 1. the fits don’t hurt his health (other than falling off window sills or the danger he might be if outside) and 2. the drugs are quite toxic and can cause damage and as he’s so young, cheeky (he was purring all through his examination) and well, they don’t want to start poisoning him.

So it’s a waiting game, and lets hope it was a one-off. Thanks to everyone who left good wishes. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

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